Cimag Production – MES software for manufacturing industries in which our customers are established

The flexibility of our standard MES software allows us to cover a wide range of different industries and professions.

To meet our clients’ needs for accuracy, we strive to promote and foster the ability to adapt, listen and pay attention. To this aim, our experts are equipped with genuine in-depth knowledge of the different industries we work with, regardless of the solution we are implementing – MES, Time Attendance Management or Access Control­. Explore the different ways our Cimag software solutions answer needs, concerns and expectations of all industries and all types of organizations – from small and mid-sized companies to large corporate groups.

The Aerospace Industry is in constant technological and organizational transformation.

Thus, to answer the various demands of this market, organizations need to be able to innovate, adapt to ensure optimal quality-level, observe preestablished lead times, and reduce costs.

Accordingly, for several years, the aerospace industry has been shifting toward the Industry 4.0 and digitization by integrating MES solutions.

Today, the steady growth of the automotive, pharmaceutical and airspace markets is bolstering the Metal Industry, which involves various manufacturing activities including but not limited to bar turning, industrial machining and mechanical engineering.

As a result, the metal and metal fabrication markets are seeking to expand, which is spurring the shift towards the Industry 4.0. Through MES software, digitization enables organizations to meet the challenges of their markets: innovation, operational effectiveness, human resources management and product quality.

The Plastic Industry 4.0 is already under way. Organizations within this industry understood the challenges stemming from the development of their market and the strategy needed to overcome it.

As a result, over the past few years, they modernized the industry in order to successfully measure, assess and analyze performances, ensure and improve lead times, and perform workshop scheduling in real time.

Using supervision and visual management in real time, the Plastic Processing Industry enhances its performances by implementing MES solutions.

The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries are challenging and demanding industries, as they require communication, supervision and coordination. This is why organizations of these industries constantly increase and improve digitization.

The supervisionquality control and real-time management features of MES solutions are some of the key elements that will enable the Pharmaceutical Industry to evolve, expand and maintain its competitive edge.

Similarly to many manufacturing industries, the Automotive Industry is undergoing significant transformations and is initiating its shift towards digitization. To strengthen and support a supply and demand market growing every year, the Automotive Industry needs the Industry 4.0 and MES solutions.

As Alpha-3i adapts to all environements and assists its customers to provide them with a software that best fits their needs, our organization is present in a wide range of different industries. Our MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solutions are designed to meet the needs, concerns and expectations of all organizations, from small and mid-size businesses to large corporate groups, and allow them to gain productivity, reactivity and flexibility.

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