Using the document management feature, you can provide your employees working in the workshop with the latest versions of documents

The Cimag Production – Electronic Document Management (EDM) feature enables you to digitally your information in the workshop.
The Cimag Production – EDM module primarily implements structures to acquire, index, categorize, access and share documents, as well as extract, collect, organize, and store information.

Thus,   Electronic Document Management or  EDM contributes to the processes of collaboration, sharing and capitalization on information in workshops. It takes into account the needs for  managing documents according to their life cycles, from creation to storage, while handling the different versions of technical documents.

EDM Software Features

  • Electronic Document Management
  • Configuration of document links with references of parts, WOs, machines, etc.
  • Access up-to-date versions of documents in real time and on any devices
  • Traceability of the document consultation by collaborators
  • Automatic document display at the beginning of WOs
  • Database registration for full access (full document access traceability)

Benefits of EDM

  • Zero paper in the workshop
  • Space saving by removing paper documents and records
  • Mobility gain: documents can be accessed from any workstations
  • Answer the challenges of your quality-based strategy
  • Ensure that the right versions of documents are shared and read

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