The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software solution for managing workshops in real time is a fundamental component of the Industry 4.0. It contributes to an increase in production capacities by overseeing and controlling industrial activities. The MES features include but are not limited to planning, monitoring, and tracking manufacturing times, workforce, machinery and physical flows.

Cimag Production Software: Functional Value Added to the MES Software

Delivering your organization a comprehensive MES and managing workshop solution.

The  MES Cimag Production solution encompasses 14 of the features identified in the ISA 88/95 standards:

  • Scheduling: machine planning (Gantt Chart), scheduling in ASAP or JIT
  • Process Management: work orders (WO), sequencing, bill of materials
  • Document Management (EDM): electronic information and document management for the organization
  • Data Collection and Acquisition: stationary or portable workshop terminals, industrial PC
  • Labor Management: workforce time management, planning, etc.
  • Quality Management (SPC): control graph, measuring and analysis

Key Benefits of the CIMAG Production Software

  • Integrates 14 features of the ISA-95 standard
  • Delivers customized solutions adapted to the needs of all types of organizations
  • Optimizes your employees’ and partners’ working conditions
  • Enables supervision in real time on your smart phone
  • Continued improvements
  • Multi-lingual
  • Product Flow: flow management by barcodes
  • Maintenance Management: TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) process
  • Traceability and Product Genealogy: product monitoring and record keeping with barcode labels
  • Performance Analysis: machine downtimes, workforce performance, quantity tracking, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Resource Management: machine, workforce and components management
  • Visual Management: supervision in real time, performance indicators directly in the workshop
  • Energy Management: energy consumption tracking of the means of production
  • Logistics: Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Easy Integration of MES Software

A swiftly functional solution

The MES Cimag Production software consists of several modules.You will have the possibility to choose the module you want and implement it in your organization through several stages. It will enable users to internalize the tool and take over easily and swimmingly.

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A Proven MES Standard

Knowledge of your business

Alpha-3i’s experience stems from implementing MES solutions for more than 25 years. Today, 400 industrial sites are using our solutions. Alpha-3i also developed numerous interfaces with information systems (ERP, EDM, CMMS, quality software/SPC, etc.) in order to bring a strong information system.

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