Automotive Industry

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The Automotive Industry and the Industry 4.0: Meet the Manufacturers’ Challenges with an MES Solution

Similarly to many manufacturing industries, the Automotive Industry is undergoing significant transformations and is initiating its shift towards digitization. To strengthen and support a supply and demand market growing every year, the Automotive Industry needs the Industry 4.0 and MES solutions.

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Challenges of the Automotive Industry

The Automotive Industry is facing various challenges stemming from the issues the manufacturing industry is confronted with today

Gaining in productivity by following material and physical flows in real time

Monitoring OEE and all other performance indicators such as Global OEE, efficiency, etc.

Achieving industrial excellence while guaranteeing your predetermined lead times and quality standards, as well as maintaining flexible organization

Performing comprehensive traceability of all manufactured products

MES Solutions Features

The features of our CIMAG – Production solution meet the challenges, expectations and needs of the Automotive Industry

Extraction and acquisition of labor and machine data, performance measurements

Quality control and automatic inspections

 Product and process traceability

 Visual management, real-time industrial supervision

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