The Health, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical Industries and the Industry 4.0: Meet the Manufacturers’ Challenges with an MES Solution

The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries are challenging and demanding industries, as they require communication, supervision and coordination. This is why organizations of these sectors constantly increase and improve digitization. The supervisionquality control and real-time management features of MES solutions are some of the key elements that will enable the Pharmaceutical Industry to evolve, expand and maintain its competitive edge.

Challenges of the Health, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries

The Health, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries are facing various challenges stemming from the issues the manufacturing industry is confronted with today

  • Achieving industrial excellence while guaranteeing your predetermined lead times and quality standards, as well as maintaining flexible organization
  • Implementing comprehensive traceability of all manufactured products
  • Collaborating openly and transparently by using a clear and intuitive visual management module
  • Monitoring machinery in real time and measuring performances

MES Software Features

The features of our CIMAG – Production solution meet the challenges, expectations and needs of the Health, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries

  • Quality control and automatic inspections
  • Product & process traceability
  • Visual management, industrial supervision in real time
  • Data acquisition and performance measurement

Satisfied customers using Alpha-3i’s CIMAG MES in the Health, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries

integrateur-logiciel MES secteur médical pharma chimie cosmétique
solution MES traçabilité supervision secteur médical pharmacie cosmétique chimie

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