Metal Industries

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The Metal Industry and the Industry 4.0: Meet the Manufacturers' Challenges with an MES Solution

Today, the steady growth of the automotive, pharmaceutical and airspace markets is bolstering the Metal Industry, which involves various manufacturing activities including but not limited to bar turning, industrial machining, and mechanical engineering and outsourcing. As a result, the metal and metal fabrication markets are seeking to expand, which is spurring the shift towards the Industry 4.0. Through MES software, digitization enables organizations to meet the challenges of their markets: innovation, operational effectiveness, human resources management and product quality.

For the various activities comprised within the Metal Industries, the Industry 4.0 corresponds to a new organizational strategy for the means of production. The Industry 4.0 aims to develop smarter factories, with a greater production adaptability and more efficient resource allocation. Nonetheless, quality management remains a priority for this sector.

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Challenges of the Metal Industries

The Metal Industries are all facing various challenges stemming from the issues the manufacturing industry is confronted with today

Implementing paperless production, and document viewing using touch pads in the workshop

Monitoring equipment and tooling to guarantee product quality

Monitoring machinery in real time and measuring performances

Real-time scheduling and planning to enhance communication within the workshop

MES Solution Features

The MES features of our CIMAG – Production solution meet the challenges, expectations and needs of the industries included in the Metal and Metal Fabrication Industries

 Document Management: display of technical plans and safety instructions

 Product & process traceability

Quality and automatic inspections

Data acquisition and performance measurement

Scheduling and manufacturing planning

Satisfied customers using Alpha-3i’s CIMAG MES in the Metal Industries:

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