MES CIMAG Production Solution

The scope of an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution integration is to include a software for workshop management and manufacturing operation monitoring in real time, within the information system (IS).

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – which is the information system of an organization – and the MES solution can be complementary.

Using information extracted from the ERP, the MES Solution is set to fully optimize each stage of the manufacturing process needed to fulfill the work order (WO) issued by the ERP. The MES solution enables you to complete this process in real time even though the information system has not been designed to operate on an instantaneous timeline.

The MES empowers you to better understand the functioning and performance of your workshop(s). It also allows you to organize and optimize your schedule in order to shorten lead times, cut back on scraps, and boost your productivity through an increase in machine efficiency.

Our Alpha-3i experts are conducting the integration of our MES solution in your organization so as to perfectly answer your needs and industrial challenges.

CIMAG Attendance – Time Attendance Management Solution

In the current complex and fast-changing environment, HR (Human Resources) departments are increasingly implementing Time Attendance Management solutions. These solutions are designed to enable organizations to assign the right resources to each workload and to optimally manage their resources.

Before configuring the solution, we perform different testing with our customers in order to deliver a solution that best meets the requirements described in the predetermined statement of work (SOW).

Through Cimag Attendance, Alpha-3i guarantees tangible timesaving in multiple areas – including data entry – and a better forecast.

CIMAG Access – Security Solution

Through our Cimag Access – Access Control and Monitoring solution, our customers can secure their sites and facilities by authorizing or denying access accordingly. They can control and monitor employees’ and guests’ entries/exits, while recording and storing their clocking in a database. Moreover, our solution allows organizations to ensure the security of their facilities by sending alerts, should there be an issue or unusual event.

As with all our solutions, our experts establish objectives to achieve and communicate with customers in order to continuously enhance the software we provide and features we offer.

Training and coaching

Our software is designed and programmed to be highly user-friendly and intuitive. During training, our experts travel to your facilities to teach you how to handle our products. We cover all aspects of the software and features, starting with explaining the basic functioning and then moving on to teaching you how to efficiently use more advanced features.


Our expert teams are available to assist and coach you through every step of your project.

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