Alpha-3i assists you to ensure the sucess of your production monitoring and HR projects

At Alpha-3i, your project management is handled and carried out by experienced project managers who have an in-depth knowledge of industrial and HR challenges. The success of your project is guaranteed by three main factors: a high-level quality provided by our teams, an extensive knowledge of your needs, and smooth project progress through mutually approved stages.

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To successfully integrate our production monitoring solution and HR software, we base our strategy and ethos on the values of Agile culture

Alpha-3i has developed a genuine Agile culture in order to engage customers in the management of their production monitoring or HR software integration projects. The leading objective of an Agile strategy is customer satisfaction, primarily by adapting the project to its new ideas or comments. Providing customers with a product that best meets their needs is of a high concern for Alpha-3i. As a result, the values of the Agile culture became the framework guiding our organization’s methodology and ethos. Performed through the use of iterations and continuous testing, the Agile strategy leads to a more dynamic and productive project management, while focusing on the needs of each customer.

Discover each stage of our project management methodology.

Establishing Objectives and Needs for Your Production Monitoring and HR Solution

Stage 1: Preliminary Study

  • Setting project scope and objectives
  • Establishing project stakeholders’ roles and assignments
  • Identification of project milestones
  • Identification of resources and infrastructures needed
  • Description of the action plan
  • ERP suitability/customer process analysis
  • Identification of specifications, i.e define the new system architecture for data acquisition
  • Establishing interfaces which will enable data acquisition and extraction

Software Solutions Prototyping and Testing Through Agile Methodologies

Stage 2: Development and Configuration

  • Technical installation by our Alpha-3i team
  • Customers prepare the server and wiring
  • Adjustment of the solution to the project objectives
  • Validation of configurations once testing is complete

Stage 3: Integration testing

  • Software installation
  • Activation of material on the device driver
  • Launching on a small perimeter
  • Correction of deficiencies identified by the customers
  • Organization of the users’ training plan

Stage 4: Agile Methodologies

  • Considering customers’ feedback to guide the project in order to continuously improve our solution and better answer customers’ predefined needs
  • Through the  Agile Methodologies, Alpha-3i allows customers to actively take part in the  management of their project. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of Alpha-3i’s strategy; therefore, it is intuitive for us to function with agility
  • The primary Agile methodology implemented in our project management is the  Scrum Methodology. This practice is composed of an iterative process, and beta testing performed by end-users or developers during each phase of the project development process.

Training Stakeholders Involved in the Integration Project of our Production Monitoring and HR Solutions

Stage 5: Training

  • Training of key users is performed by our experts in order to teach them to handle all features identified in the prototype report
  • Coaching and assistance provided by our teams as customers use our software

Project Management for the Integration of our Software Solution

Stage 6: Commissioning Process and Roll-out

  • Software solution deployment to the pre-established set of perimeters
  • Post-deployment phase monitoring to guarantee customer satisfaction
  • The project is transferred to the customer support department to answer future concerns or needs

Stage 7: Maintenance

  • Equipment and hardware maintenance, software remote maintenance, online support, etc.
  • Receiving and considering customer’s requests
  • Error detection and replicability
  • Rectification of errors and deployment of updates
  • Feedback on the intervention performed
  • Contacting customers to ensure service satisfaction

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