The Plastic Processing Industry and the Industry 4.0: Meet the Manufacturers’ Challenges with an MES Solution

The Plastic Industry 4.0 is already under way. Organizations within this sector understood the challenges stemming from the development of their market and the strategy needed to overcome it. As a result, over the past few years, they modernized the sector in order to successfully measure, assess and analyze performances, ensure and improve lead times, and perform workshop scheduling in real time. Using supervision and visual management in real time, the Plastic Processing Industry enhances its performances by implementing MES solutions.

Challenges of The Plastic Industry

The Plastic Processing Industry is facing various challenges stemming from the issues the manufacturing industry is confronted with today:

  • Molds and maintenance frequency management
  • Real-time planning to enhance communication within the workshop
  • Monitoring machinery in real time and measuring performances
  • Collaborating openly and transparently by using a user-friendly and intuitive visual management module

MES Software Features

The MES features of our Cimag Production solution meet the challenges, expectations and needs of the Plastic Processing Industries:

  • Tooling maintenance management
  • Scheduling and data planning
  • Data acquisition and performance measurement
  • Visual management, real-time industrial supervision

Satisfied customers using Alpha-3i’s CIMAG MES in the Plastic Processing Industry

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