Organize and manage all aspects of your logistics, from receiving raw materials to dispatching finished products

The Cimag Production – Logistics feature allows you to set up and manage different activities and operations taking place in one or more of your warehouses (warehousing, preparing orders, product flow).

In your warehouse, each batch location or slot is identified by a barcode, which provides a description of all its characteristics. These locations can be organized in random or fixed slotting, according to the needs of the warehouse management.

The Inventory Management feature allows you to enhance flow management. Each transfer of pallets from a slot to another is described by an address of origin and an address of destination.

Logistics spécialist for company

Logistics Software Features

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS): inventory management, inbound and outbound processing, order preparation and dispatch
  • Warehouse slotting
  • Manage inventory by slots, products, or status
  • Perform inbound processing directly on portable terminals or PC
  • Manage documents linked to inbound processing
  • Inventory: global, by location or reference

Benefits of Logistics Management

  • Manage inbound flows from suppliers (upstream logistics)
  • Track and monitor dispatches to customers (downstream logistics)
  • Avoid errors during order preparation
  • Manage warehouse slotting
  • Manage product status according to quality controls

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