Optimize the management of workshop scheduling operations

The Cimag Production – Scheduling function deals with the management of workshop scheduling operations that the ERP alone can not manage, it saves the operators and the company time by automatically calculating the time required for each fabrication order.

The starting scenario is given by the ERP (default resource, duration of the operation, link between operations or between OF, …) and by the parameterization realized in Cimag Production (capacity of the resources, calendars, foreseen events, …) .

From this start scenario, the Production Scheduling Manager can fine-tune the schedule manually by dragging the operations in a GANTT chart by Drag & Drop.

It is therefore an intuitive feature that tends more and more to become indispensable for the business management of our time.

Scheduling Software Features:

  • Retrieve and import manufacturing orders from the ERP
  • Calculate lead times and start/end dates of work orders
  • Automatically recalculate delays in case of machine failure
  • Customize and manually edit schedules with the Drag & Drop system
  • Present manufacturing operations and orders as a GANTT chart
  • Manage sequences and links between operations
  • Manage machine calendars: time cycles (2×8, 3×8, day …) and occasional events (machine break, preventive maintenance …)
  • Manage constraints with respect to delivery time
  • Define the capacity of the resource (multiple work orders)
  • Calculate and set assembly and disassembly times
  • Plan at infinite or finite loading: at the earliest (ASAP), at the latest (JIT) or at the scheduled launch date
  • Manage alerts: Expected delivery date exceeded, availability of tools or materials, etc.
  • Manage the histograms in relation to the needs and availability of manpower
  • Print all diagrams, schedules, work lists or lists of delays

Benefits of Scheduling Software:

  • Master and optimize your schedule
  • Improve your customer service rate and the reliability of your deadlines
  • Decrease loading times and outstandings
  • Optimize the time allocated to the creation of schedules
  • Share schedules in real time with the workshop
  • Improve communication between the different planning and production teams

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