Innovation ! Statistical process control module

Statistical Process Control


The statistical process control module is an optional module integrated with our software CIMAG Production. At the workshop, it allows the collection of measurements and control data in the quality part.

Through graphs showing changes to a given reference value, it is used to anticipate the measures to enhance any industrial manufacturing process.

Features :


  •      Creation of the range of control with measurable characteristics or attributes.
  •      Entering machines or processes capabilitiesin CIMAG.
  •      Entering as defined frequencies of self-control values.
  •      Display statistical results and card checks according to the Ford standard.
  •      Achieving many reporting


Benefits :


  •      Allows correction of process parameters before product quality is affected and so reduce the cost of non-quality.
  •     Allows operators to better “visualize” the product quality and know when to act. Responsibility and independence of operators can be improved while better stabilizing the product quality.
  •      Help differentiate “normal” random variations of the process of those due to assignable cause (maladjustment of operating parameters).


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