Our Temporary Workers Management software will ensure an efficient and effective management of your temporary staffing

In an effort to streamline administrative management, the Cimag Attendance – Temporary Workers Management module enables you to adequately and thoroughly manage and monitor your temporary staff.

Through the Cimag Attendance module, you can manage your temporary workers’ employment contracts and contract amendments. Should your company need to adjust an element of the employment contract (the duration for instance), our solution enables you to make amendments.

Temporary Workers Management Features:

  • Management of temporary workers’ contracts and contract amendments
  • Management of temporary workers billing
  • HR reporting on temporary staff management
  • Communication of data regarding temporary workers to temporary staffing agencies
  • Managing temporary workers’ time and attendance

Benefits of Temporary Workers Management:

  • With a single click, know each temporary worker’s timesheet
  • Simplify the creation of temporary workers’ contracts and contract amendments
  • Ensure the management of temporary workers’ attendance time
  • Establish and know prebilling

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