Monitor your employees’ working time calculation in real time

Alpha-3i offers a comprehensive set of time clocking terminals, clocking terminals, and interactive and HR terminals. Our hardware and software solutions can be adapted to fit your needs and budget. Various solutions are available to enable you to successfully and optimally manage your employees’ attendance times.

Our clocking terminals will provide you with a high security level regarding time clock logging and guarantee users a service without interruption.

Clocking Terminal ON7

clocking feature for monitoring

HR Terminal

Interactive HR terminal

Clocking Terminal ON5

time clocking terminals

Clocking Features for Monitoring Attendance Times:

  • Diverse time clocking systemsclocking terminals, badge readers, data acquisition on PC, smart phone, tablet, etc.
  • Allows employees to easily and conveniently access information directly on HR terminals
  • Enhances the reliability of  time clocking with an accurate and indisputable logging of clocking times
  • Access to personal records granted to each employee
  • Logging of employees’  attendance times

Benefits of Clocking Systems to Monitor Attendance Times:

  • Enhance logging of employees’  attendance times
  • Strengthen  time clocking security through an accurate logging of clocking times
  • Improve reliability of your  effective working time calculations
  • Facilitate employees’ viewing of their information directly on HR terminals
  • Get rid of paper timesheets

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